Prospective students must choose three contrasting pieces from materials provided below. Either one monologue of your choice and two songs (each from a different list) or two monologues (one contemporary, one classical) and one song. It is in your best interest to choose contrasting pieces to show us your range.
Materials will be posted below.

In addition to the provided materials auditionees will present a devised piece of their own creation no longer than 2 minutes. This can be a monologue, song, poem, movement sequence, etc. We are looking to get to know you better as an artist, so have fun and be creative.


*Please note: We encourage applicants to choose the monologue(s) they feel will best showcase their skills, regardless of the gender of the character being portrayed*




*Please note: These cuts are classified by the vocal range typically associated with the piece. While historically soprano/mezzo/alto songs have been sung by women, and tenor/baritone songs by men, we would encourage applicants to choose the song that they feel best represents their voice type and will allow them to deliver their most comfortable performance, regardless of gender identity.*

Legit Vocal Quality

Contemporary Vocal Quality

Character pieces (both legit and contemporary)

Pop Vocal Quality