Prospective students of The ViC are chosen through an audition process for our Artistic Director, Simon Miron, and our other creative staff.

Auditions for the 2019-2020 academic year will be held on June 18th at Nafro Dance on 109 Pulford st. Deadline for Submissions is June 4th.

Group dance call – 9:30am-11am

General Auditons - by scheduled appointment afterwards

Auditionees will choose three contrasting pieces from list provided. Either one monologue of your choice and two contrasting songs or two monologues (one contemporary, one classical) and one song. It is in your best interest to choose contrasting pieces to show us your range.
Materials will be posted below.

In addition to the provided materials auditionees will present a devised piece of their own creation no longer than 2 minutes. This can be a monologue, song, poem, movement sequence, etc. We are looking to get to know you better as an artist, so have fun and be creative.

Submit your resume and cover letter to

This post secondary program is open to students 18+

Applications are now closed for our 2019/2020 program.

Thanks to all that came out. Be sure to email to join our mailing list and receive information about future programs.